Friday, July 16, 2010

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Save money on Wind Generators.

You are here because you are probably trying to decide if you can learn how to build a wind generator yourself.

Are you wondering...

How much will a homemade wind generator cost?
Can we get reliable, easy to follow wind generator plans?
How long will it take to build a wind generator?
Are home made wind generators comparable to store bought models?
Are the parts to build a wind generator easy to find?
Can I build my own solar panels inexpensively too?

The simple answer to all of your questions is - 'You can build a 1000 watt homemade wind generator for under $100 (including the wind generator plans ! ) in about 2 weekends and all of the parts are readily available and quickly obtained.'


Save money on Solar Panels.

Do you want to save thousands off the cost of solar panels?
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You can now make solar panels at home! You have probably read about it or seen it on TV, but have you tried it yourself?


Save money on Energy.

If you have ever wished to stop wasting money on your electrical bill, help the global economy and save the Earth, then you've arrived at the right page.

With the ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now to stop throwing money out the window and start generating your own electricity.

This excellent website will take you through all the steps required.

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Save money on Gas.

Let me confess something to you: I've never been mechanically inclined. Heck, I nearly flunked out of auto mechanics class in high school. But for some reason, electricity is much easier for me to understand and we've heard from many readers who feel the same way.

When we started the quest to convert our first vehicle, we did not have any type of manual or book to assist us. We just plowed ahead and experimented until we found things that worked. In fact, during our first couple of conversions, we made a ton of mistakes that required starting over.

That's why we want to pass on our knowledge to you – so you don't have to make the same mistakes we did.

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Save money on Batteries.

DID YOU KNOW? Instead of paying over a hundred dollars for a new battery you can recondition them yourself to 100% working condition for less than $30?

One of the best parts is you can actually restore batteries for other people and sell them for a profit.

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